African Bongo Drums

Bongos are an Afro-Cuban percussion instrument comprised of a couple of little open bottomed drums of various sizes. In
Spanish the larger drum is known as the hembra (feminine) and the littler, the macho (male). Along with the conga or tumbadora, and to a lesser diploma the batб drum, bongos are essentially the most broad Cuban hand drums, being ordinarily played in various kinds of musical model, for instance, Cuban youngster, salsa and Afro-Cuban jazz.

The origin of the Small Bongos is to a great extent imprecise. It's utilization was first archived in the Jap locale of Cuba, the Oriente Province, amid the late nineteenth century, where it was utilized in properly-identified music types, for instance, nengуn, changьн, and their descendent, the Cuban baby.


Bongo drums ship typically shrill sounds contrasted with conga drums, and must be held between the knees. It is continuously played by hand and is particularly related in Cuban music with a consistent example or ostinato of eighth-notes often called the martillo or "sledge". They are usually performed by hanging the sting of the drumheads with the fingers and palms.

The glissando utilized with bongу de monte is completed by rubbing the third finger, bolstered by the thumb, over the leader of the drum. The finger is once in a while dampened with spit, or sweat earlier than rubbing it over the pinnacle. On the point when utilized as part of craftsmanship music creations they are generally hit with drum sticks. These drums can likewise be played with ensembles and groups.


Bongo drums, likewise called bongos, are basically little single-headed Afro-Cuban drums. The two heads, that are separately around 5 inches (thirteen cm) and round 7 inches (18 cm) over, are nailed or pole tensioned to picket, open-completed "shells" of the same tallness. Performed with the fingers and fingers, the drums are burdened together to enable the entertainer to execute vivacious musical discoursed. Bongo drums had been made round 1900 in Cuba for Latin American move teams. Different Cuban society drums are additionally known as bongos.


Each drum is an alternate measurement so you possibly can ship various notes with either side. Essentially the most nicely-identified drumheads are made from creature skins, but at the similar time they're accessible in skinny plastic. The physique of the bongo drum is usually wood, steel or even creative. An easy two set of bongos doesn't have a drumhead that can be extended and tuned to deliver distinctive notes. Fancier ones do have flexible heads that are affixed with steel bars. Better high quality drums can fit on drum remains for much less demanding play. Artists enjoying live gigs most of the time play with the assistance of a stand.

By utilizing your thumbs, fingertips and the foot rear areas of your fingers, you'll be able to create numerous notes by striking the top. It's vital to safe the leader of your drum with uncommon "drum oils." If you happen to don't, the air and your fingers can ingest the dampness of the drum skin and it could end up plainly dry and cut up.

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