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Getting a Referral

One of the most reliable ways to find a roofing contractor is to get a referral. You certainly have friends who have roofing work done in the past? Were they happy with the job the roofers did? You seriously might just start calling your friends and ask them. That could very well be your best way to find a reliable roofing contractor. Outside of that you could check with places like Lowes and Home Depot and see if they can refer you to any local roofer that does a really good job.

Do your homework/research

Once you have located several (at least three) very qualified roofers the real work begins. You first want to investigate them online and see if you cannot find anything that would make you doubt their creditably. If you cannot then pretty much the next step is calling them. After you talk to them I am pretty sure you will have a really good feel for who they are and for what type of work they will do. If you still have a good feeling about them the next step is to see if they will not come over and give you a free estimate for the roof work that you need done.
Stillwater, Ok roof damage:

Meet face-to-face with them

The final step is to meet them face to face. This will more than like naturally happen when they come over to you house to give you a free estimate of what it will cost to repair or replace your roof. Many times the owner of the roofing company will not come for this step, but sometimes they will. If the owner does not come for this step and you still feel the need to meet them. Then there is nothing wrong with dropping by there office when you know that they are going to be there. Hopefully, this will give you the since of peace and security that you desire before having them do the job.

Get it in writing

One the final steps is to get everything down in writing. More than likely this is will be a contract that is signed between the roofing company and you. Be sure to read over everything that is in contract and if you have any questions feel free to ask the roofing company.

You get what you pay for

You generally get what you pay for. If you went the cheapest bid do not be surprised to have some real surprises come up later on.

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