The Importance of Bringing a Taser Gun With You

There’s usually some confusion among a stun gun and also a Taser. Yes, typically they run in the same way, utilizing an electrical current to take down and disorientate an assailant. However, tasers work by firing barbed darts into the attacker’s skin coming from a short distance (normally around 15 feet). The charged electrical darts are placed on a handheld device by 2 wires that continue to discharge electrical impulses when they find their target.

The current portable tasers can be found in two designs; the first looks like a gun or pistol and actually runs much in the same manner. The second appears like an electrical handheld razor or shaver, and they tend to be simple to operate for a novice and also cost less compared to pistol type.

It’s important to note that Tasers (like stun guns) must make contact with the body. Hitting a running target using a taser is actually very difficult and tasers only fire a single shot. Also, it need to puncture the skin to function appropriately so if your would-be attacker is wearing thick clothing or is running at speed there is a great chance it will not work.

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